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Grab a coffee, sit down, and read about data visualizations, dungeons and dragons, other dorky things that catch my interest.  Navigation links above will take you to specific pages about a D&D campaign I've been running for over 2 years, if you're into that kind of thing.

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Photo 52 - Week 34: Command?

I'm a Dragon Quest fan, and anyone who's played a DQ game all the way through knows that feeling of finding a Metal Slime.  They also know that feeling when the Metal Slime flees.  And this brings my pictures of Slimes to 2 out 34 weeks or about 6% for 2011.  How can you resist that dopey smile?


Photo 52 - Week 33: Happy Birthday

Christina gets back-to-back weeks!  In reality I've been in a photography dry spell, but I really like how this hurried and impromptu shot of Christina turned out.  God bless the 7d's ability to shoot high ISO and Lightroom's ability to turn that noise into something silky smooth.


Photo 52 - Week 32: Christina

If you haven't already, meet my wife.  I rarely shoot portraits, but when Christina needed a photo taken for her work's website, I was more than happy to pull out my nifty 50mm f/1.4 and give it a shot.  I'm extremely happy with how they turned out, especially this one.

The late afternoon light was perfect, and all I did in Lightroom was a little warming up of the white balance and boosting the contrast.  It helps that the model was so good looking also.


Photo 52 - Week 31: Khloe

We got to dogsit our friends' dog the first week in August.  We were working late in our office, and I caught Khloe chilling out on the recliner.  She looked too good not to grab my camera and snap a few pics.

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