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The Good Doctor

I've been wanting to faux-watercolor some fan-art of Dr. Light for a while now, but I haven't had time.  I did do some line-art of Dr. Light, Dr. Wily (and Beat).

I think Dr. Light is a character in the Mega Man universe that uses way more exploring.

Does he regret his contributions to robotics?  How many creations did he create before he created Mega Man?

The Protomen have an excellent, EXCELLENT album that explores this theme to great effect.  Both their albums, and the recent releases of Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10 have really set me on a nostalgic trip back to my childhood.

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Reader Comments (3)

Did you draw this on paper and then scan it or did you do it on your Intuos pad?

All with my intuos. I did a lot of sketching on paper to get a "feel" for the character, then I sketched it straight into PS. I made a 10% opaque layer that I did my free sketching on, then did the actual "ink" on top of that.

This is not necessarily better, I'm just too lazy to scan, usually.

06 Apr | Registered CommenterJacob Vann

Do people even scan any more? It's weird that scanning seems like such a clunky technology considering 15 years ago, I thought it was the most amazing thing ever.

14 Apr | Unregistered CommenterAndy Vann

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